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Pioneering Council & Governance Models

Dijets Council is laying the groundwork for building governance models for the future. A future where self-sovereignty is preserved at all costs and where users can always exercise choice.


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DGC Manifesto Pledge

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Realising the power of Decentralised Technologies

Decentralised technologies provide users unparalleled power to transact and interact with a level of security never seen before. Thanks to cryptography and economic incentives, users can now own truly sovereign assets, create fully sovereign entities, and build truly sovereign identities.

This tectonic shift requires a new method for organizing these sovereign individuals: Decentralised organizations. Decentralised organizations change our relationship with governance: from something that is imposed upon us by others, into something we choose to opt into. Where we are equally serving and served, rather than just serving.

Dijets Council and Decentralised Governance

Dijets Council is a self-governing body of six core members responsible for formulating, reviewing, voting & arbitrating Dijets Improvement Proposals (DIPs). The DIPs are entirely non-restrictive but binding (once approved) in nature. Councillors can propose policy adjustments to the protocol, treasury grants, 'Method' standards, Client APIs or enhancement specs for any of Dijets products, services & Enterprise solutions.

HAL - The Performance Oracle

An autonomous organisation too must have a set of rules and structure in place for its day to day running and continuous evolution. Dijets Governance relies on the fundamentals of distributed ledger technology wherein each DIP, transaction, action, inaction, hiring, firing, upgrade, downgrade etc is recorded on-chain forever. These variables in turn are picked out by HAL: The performance oracle for Dijets Council which is a series of smart contracts that runs entirely on-chain and continually evolves, recalibrates and enhances its computational capabilities via machine learning and data training libraries to finally be able to build a quantifiable profile of the collective performance by the council for its respective term.

In layman terms, based on the council's overall performance across a large subset of measurable parameters, at the end of each council's term HAL should have a verifiable blueprint on either how or how not to run an autonomous organisation with the provided subset of rules borne out of passed or failed proposals and the respective voting choices of each council member.

Laying the Foundation for future Governance Models

Dijets Governance Council was formulated to be the precursor and the de-facto reference point upon which organisations of industry 4.0 could rely upon. Each council member was carefully selected based on their individual merit and their genuine willingness to bring about a positive change through distributed ledger technology. To achieve that, Dijets Council intends to introduce censor-resistant, flexible models of governance accompanied by a proven track record of its individual members and the collective performance output of the batch for that corresponding term.

The short term goal for Dijets Governance is to gradually move away from solely relying on the council for DIPs and instead encourage an open door policy where anyone from anywhere in the world could submit a proposal to improve Dijets and if that idea has legs than the council together with the core team could vote on implementing it. The proposing party in turn receives the financial incentive for having submitted a proposal that was accepted through a majority consent. Open and transparent governance is the key element to allowing anyone to suggest, debate, and implement changes to Dijets protocol — all while not having to rely on a single entity, or a team making decisions for Dijets Ecosystem.

DGC Manifesto

The Council Manifesto serves as a template mandate for the governing council. It reiterates the purpose of the council in the form of an evolving document which exists mainly to reflect and represent the interests of DJTX holders across the world and also to set expectations and standards for future Council Members to build upon.


Promote the interests of Dijets and its Ecosystem to Businesses, Potential Partners, Talent and The Industry & Institutions


Vote/advocate in favour of governance proposals which are in the interests of DJTX holders.


Vote/advocate against proposals which may adversely affect Dijets or any of its services.


Seek governance power in protocols which may be beneficial for Dijets to have influence in. Long-term & Short-term.


Maintain transparency in all meta-governance initiatives that the Council Members are directly/indirectly involved with or endorse.


Stay up to date on relevant DeFi/decentralised governance matters and their broader implications.


Build & retain strategic partnerships with other entities that pledge to support decentralized technologies.


Foster creating and improving upon the underlying infrastructure needed for decentralized & autonomous organizations to flourish

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