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The idea of using blockchain in the energy sector is gaining an increasingly large interest. For instance, some researchers propose to integrate blockchain with electric vehicles (EV) so that EVs could use blockchain to find a nearby charging stations, while charging stations could bid for the opportunity to charge EVs.

Use of blockchain for IoT and, subsequently, energy efficiency in the smart homes is another area of active research. Here, blockchain could play a key role in data control and decision support for large scale IoT using smart contracts as means to communicate, automate and enforce rules between devices. As mentioned before, a dedicated blockchain platform for IoT is already under development.

Other Sectors
Efficient Homes
Energy P2P
Electric Cars
Energy Credits

The challenge

Blockchain was used to eliminate fraudulent behaviour in emissions trading. Here an alternative Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) backed by a blockchain was developed. Blockchain helped to ensure reliable, secure transactions and embed a reputation system to encourage investment into ETS in the long-term.

TExpanding on these certificate trading systems is the concept of peer-to-peer (P2P) electricity trading. With P2P trading systems the units of generated electricity themselves are recorded inside a blockchain, allowing the owner of this generation to market it to others. This enables energy generators and buyers (both large and small) to take ownership of their product, choices, and preferences, rather than solely rely on the grid as an intermediary.

Impact & Active dApps

Smart Energy

A smart energy company which has piloted a P2P energy trading platform. The energy production tokens are also exchangeable.

P2P Trading

Platform to support P2P trading among rooftop PV owners and interested public-sector or corporate buyers.

No intermediaries

Retail provider (i.e.,buys on behalf of its customers at wholesale prices from outside) and P2P trading platform between Grid+ customers


Automated energy supplier switching platform; also aims to to support P2P energy trading and grid-balancing.

Dijets team is really skilled at identifying problem areas and realising solutions that just simply work. Their blockchain implementation assistance will go a long way in keeping us competitive in the industry.

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