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Nearly all of the world’s leading companies run computerized enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management software. From connected manufacturing equipment to digital shipping notices and RFID scanning, products are tracked on computerised systems from their earliest origins, often all the way to the recycling bin. Yet despite this huge investment in digital infrastructure, most companies have only limited visibility and insight into where all their products are at any given moment.

The culprit, in most cases, is the analog gaps that exist between systems within enterprises and across enterprise boundaries. Production may be recorded digitally, but the moment it moves to shipping, a PDF document is created for the shipping label that is little more than a software copy of a printout.

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The challenge

The biggest challenge supply chains face today is the oceans of digital data but only islands of useful information. This is not a new problem, and companies using systems like electronic data interchange (EDI) and XML messaging try to maintain information continuity across system and enterprise boundaries. But point-to-point messaging systems have their own issues, as they are often out of sync and move data only one stop down the supply chain.

The result is inventory that seems to be in two places at once. These systems were created for an era of big, vertically integrated companies with large, but mostly static supply chains. They were very relevant 30 years ago, but not so much today.

Solution: Creed

Creed Platform

With Dijets Creed, all parties in the supply chain have access to the same data. A majority consensus manages any data alterations.

Transparent Transactions

Creed keeps each record linked to unique identifiers, which allows tracing the entire history of an asset from the moment of production.

No intermediaries

Methods in Dijets automate various tasks which traditionally require human involvement making supply chain management more cost-efficient.

Interoperable networks

Creed connects suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and retailers in a single ecosystem where all parties have access to the same data.

Businesses can use Creed's proof points and sustainability data from their supply chain to boost their next product marketing campaign or strengthen their sustainability standings.

Creed Platform's Features

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With Creed your business can build trust with its customers through proof-backed sustainability communications.

Proof Points - Creed Feature

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A Blockchain based Platform by Dijets for Supply chain management.

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