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Dijets Enterprise solutions enable parties with no particular trust in each other to exchange digital data on a peer-to-peer/business-to-business basis with fewer or no third parties or intermediaries. Our Business platform services such as Creed and Mercer extends the Data to correspond, for instance, to money, insurance policies, contracts, land titles, medical and educational records, birth and marriage certificates, buying and selling goods and services, or any transaction or asset that can be translated into a digital form.

The potential of Dijets Ecosystem to engender wide-ranging changes in the economy, industry and society – both now and tomorrow – is currently being explored across sectors and by a variety of organisations.

Whatever your business needs may be, if a solution seems an ideal fit for it, we will work collaboratively, in real-time, alongside you, transferring our knowledge and methods for distributed ledger technnology to you, and deliver implementation success and performance that lasts forever for your business.

Digital Asset Management


Cutting through the complexity to uncover real, tangible benefits from blockchain technology can be tough. Dijets Ecosystem and its range of products and services can help you bring your use case to life in a way that adds real value to your business, solves real challenges, and delivers a measurable ROI. From planning, to proof of concept, to implementation and beyond — Dijets Enterprise grade services can be customised to your specific needs. A specially formed team Business implementation experts will be at your disposal to guide you every step of the way.
We truly believe in the transformative power of Blockchain and our foremost aim is to bring the awareness and practical functionalities of Trust-less systems to Businesses looking to make an impact on peoples lives through their products.
We hope to see you in a future where Centralised systems are a thing of the past. Where Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies are central to many self-governing projects working towards the betterment of mankind. Where people control their own wealth and can transact freely across borders using digital currencies with equal access for everyone.

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Getting early access to trial Creed has been a revelation. Before Dijets came along, we struggled to find any need for a blockchain based solution for our business.

Operations Director, IHP Limited

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